Music List for Masses and Services

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                  ST WULSTAN’S  MUSIC FOR 1100 SOLEMN MASS 

SUNDAY JUNE 2nd - 7th Sunday of Eastertide

KYRIE: Missa Brevis in F - Rheinberger 

GLORIA: Missa Brevis in F - Rheinberger 

SANCTUS: Plainchant,  Mass I (Lux et Origo)

AGNUS DEI: Plainchant,  Mass I (Lux et Origo)

Ave Verum Corpus - Saint Saens

ORGAN MUSIC: Postlude, Op. 105, no. 2 - Stanford.



KYRIE: Missa Super Dixit Maria - Hassler

GLORIA: Missa Super Dixit Maria- Hassler 

SANCTUS: Plainchant, Mass I (Lux et Origo)

AGNUS DEI: Plainchant, Mass I (Lux et Origo)

Confirma Hoc Deus - Salieri

ORGAN MUSIC: Prelude, from Prelude and Fugue in D sharp minor, Op. 56 - Otto Olsson



KYRIE: Missa Sine Nomine - Palestrina

GLORIA: Missa Sine Nomine - Palestrina 

SANCTUS: Plainchant,  Mass XI (Orbis Factor)

AGNUS DEI: Plainchant, Mass XI ( Orbis Factor)

O Beata Trinitas - Palestrina

ORGAN MUSIC: Fugue in E flat, BWV 552 - Bach 






The organ was blessed by His Grace the Archbishop of Birmingham on Tuesday November 29th 2016 at a Confirmation Mass.  

The project, launched in January 2004 has been a steady process of developing design and fund raising. It has taken a long time but the results so far speak for themselves. Notwithstanding our limited budget we now have a fine three - manual pipe organ capable of performing all the accompanying duties (both choir and congregation) and for playing an extensive range of solo repertoire. Our thanks go to organ builders Philip and Keith Cartwright for not only transplanting the original Rushworth & Dreaper two - manual organ but also for their excellent work in blending new and additional material with the original. This organ now produces a beautiful and majestic sound in St Wulstan’s wonderful acoustic. You can find out more about the organ and see the specification by following the links from the front page.

David West, Director of Music.