Catholic Fund for Overseas Development

Saint Wulstan's has an active CAFOD group co-ordinated by Jon Chadburn and Gerry Grant in Wolstanton, and Kathy Winter in Chesterton. Meetings are monthly and are held on Sunday evenings in member's houses.


CAFOD campaigns locally on issues relating to world poverty and helps to raise funds to improve the lot of the poor in developing countries. In particular, we have campaigned for the cancellation of Third World debt and an improvement in the environment. Gerry Grant and Jon Chadburn, amongst others coordinate the work of CAFOD within Saint Wulstan's parish.

Saint Wulstan's Coordinators

Gerry Grant

Jon Chadburn

Saint John's Coordinator

Kathy Winter


Within the Saint Wulstan's, activities take a variety of forms:

  • A monthly coffee morning after Sunday Mass
  • A barbeque and international meal are also arranged most years. These are usually well-supported and accompanied by a variety of music and entertainment.
  • We have campaigned to improve the environment in Third World countries, e.g. the urban deprivation in the 'shanty town' of Vila Prudente, Saõ Paulo, Brazil.
  • To draw attention to the dire conditions people have to live in, and to help raise funds, outside the church, we built an example of the typical shack
  • We also do some sponsored swimming, bike riding and the occasional folk music evening.


If you are interested in helping CAFOD or would simply like to know more about our local activities, speak to Jon or Gerry after Sunday Mass at Saint Wulstan's or Kathy Winter at Saint John's, or email them using the links below:

You can find news of local recent and planned events here or visit the CAFOD website for a fuller account of the work of the charity, and any future national events.

A Special Project in Uganda

Although not technically connected with CAFOD many people in the parish offered support for Kitura Parish in Uganda for a period. Some of us will remember the terrible times that Uganda went through under President Idi Amin. Genocide was rife and Christians in particular were targeted. The shrine of the Uganda Martyrs is pictured below

Uganda Martyrs Memorial

Since then things have improved, but there is still the threat of terrorism and warfare in the north of the country from the so called "Lord's Liberation Army", and poverty is serious throughout the land. Basic infrastructure such as decent roads, health care and schools is weak, especially in rural areas. Saint Wulstan's Parish has a direct link with Kitura Parish in Uganda, resulting from the visits of Father Primus.

Considerable funds were raised to improve the parish church, providing concrete flooring that will help to prevent people from contracting a debilitating tropical disease. Added to this a new local primary school has been built.

Father Primus

The project was conceived by the late Isbella Brayford and her husband who courageously visited the parish in Uganda to see things for themselves first hand. After realising the need they discussed with Father Primus how they could help. Supported by their son, Tom, and a number of other people in the parish work got underway. Kathy Keene, in particular, raised a lot money via the sponsored marathons she ran.

Father Primus completed a degree in International Relations at Keele University and returned to Uganda. During his absence, Father Robert and Father Godfrey took charge of the parish and continued the charity work ensuring the well-being of the children.

Many of the children of Kitura parish are orphaned due to war or AIDS, and there is virtually no state support for these young people. Some have just about abandoned hope of an education.

Child Sponsorship

One of our main aims is to support children with their education. The children of the parish cannot go to school unless financial support can be found. Parishioners from Saint Wulstan's and members of the public in the North Staffordshire area sponsor children by donating £8 a month for those going to primary school and £20 for a child going to secondary school.

Cafod News

Maintained by Gerry Grant, Jon Chadburn and Kathy Winter

The International Meal

Keep an eye on the newsletter for the date of the next International Meal. We usually have it in November, but the date does vary. It is always a very enjoyable event and raises several hundred pounds for CAFOD each year.

News of future cafod events will appear here once they have been organised.

There should be one before the end of 2018, or in January after the Christmas season is over!