The Role of the Catechist

A Catechist is someone trained to help others learn the ways of the Faith. A Parish Catechist usually works in close co-operation with the Parish clergy.

In rush and turmoil of today's pace of life and technology many people forget that to achieve balance they need to have a spiritual side to their lives. When this reality dawns on them some turn to the Church for answers. They need experienced Christian people with a good understanding of faith to help them. In addition to teaching adults, the Catechist may also have a mission to children and young people who have not had the benefit of a Catholic school education. Similarly, parents who have children in Catholic schools, but have never been regular church attendees often need advice when their children are being prepared for First Communion or Confirmation.

What does a Catechist teach?

The Catechist covers the fundamental teachings of the Church such as:

  • The Bible and Tradition
  • The Church, foundation and what it is
  • Sacramental Life; Private and Public Prayer
  • Mass, as Sacrifice
  • Incarnation, Christmas and the Church Calendar
  • Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist
  • Video on the Mass
  • Prayer and the Our Father
  • Mass as Banquet
  • Christian Life: Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes
  • Visit to the Church; Catholic Practices
  • Holy Week and Easter
  • Sacraments of Healing, Confession and Extreme Unction
  • Mary and the Saints
  • Mass with Commentary
  • Life in the Holy Spirit

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Becoming a Catechist

Anyone who believes in the Creed and has a reasonable understanding of and belief in the Catholic Faith can train to become a Catechist. You do not have to be highly qualified or have a degree in theology! The opportunity is open to young and old. For further information ask our Parish Priest.

You can do the Foundation Course by distance learning and email run by Our Lady's Catechists.

If you are a parishioner at Wolstanton or Chesterton, you can talk to our Webmaster, Paul Swinhoe, about this course. He is usually near the Sacristy door at Saint Wulstan's after Mass on Sunday mornings.

Most Catechists take a two-year distance learning course at a Catholic College such as the Maryvale Institute at Oscott, Birmingham. Although you need to make occasional trips to the College, or to meet your tutor, the vast majority of the work can be done at home. Two courses are available:

  1. Course for Certification of Parish Catechists
  2. Advanced Certificate and Diploma for Method and Vision in Catechesis
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Participation in the second course requires completion of the first!

Visit the Maryvale website

Maryvale Institute, Old Oscott Hill, Birmingham, B44 9AG, UK

Phone: 0121-360-8118

Email: Use the Maryvale website Contact Form

Anyone interested in becoming a catechist or having the help of a catechist to explain the Catholic faith should contact Margaret Oldham, Judith Edgeley (Parish Catechist) or Father Dominic (Parish Priest).

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