Parish Meetings

We have no parish council as such, but from time to time the Parish Priest does call parish meetings where all parishioners are welcome to attend. As with all Catholic churches, parish meetings and the meetings of any sub-committees have an advisory role. Major decisions are made by the Parish Priest, often in association with the diocese, but the views of parishioners are obviously taken into account. The general purose of parish meetings are to:

  • Plan events
  • Debate proposed projects
  • Discuss new activities
  • Discuss issues and, where possible, solve problems
  • Etc.

Meetings are usually chaired by Gerry Grant. If you have items which you would like to be considered for the agenda of the next meeting, you can contact Gerry on the link below, who will inform Father Dominic.


Beyond general parish meetings we have a range of sub-committees which deal with specific aspects of parish life, such as finance, social activities, etc. While nobody is excluded from attending, the members of sub-committees usually have specific skills relating to the particular purpose.

Meeting Locations

Full scale parish meetings are usually held in the Community Centre or the School. The locations and times of meetings are normally anounced in the weekly newsletter, but you may also find them at the foot of this page. Meetings of sub-committees require less space and may be in the presbytery or even at the home of one of the members.

Making Suggestions or Raising Issues

If you have an idea or an issue that you think the parish should consider, the best policy is to talk to the Parish Priest or to a member of one of the sub-committees. New ideas are always welcome. It would also be a good idea to turn up at the meeting yourself!

The dates, times and location of future Parish Council meetings will appear here