Reading at Mass

Reading the scripture at Mass is an important ministry to those present. You might feel that it is not something you feel you could do, but actually most people are quite capable of fulfilling the role. All you need to do is to speak clearly and audibly. Any lack of confidence you might feel will most likely disappear after a few sessions! Here are a few ideas and sources of advice for readers:

  • Try an online search for "reading at Mass", or "reading in church". Perhaps add the word "advice". You should come up with lots of other resources.

The Readers Rota

While reading is a commitment, we do not expect you to read every week. At Saint Wulstan's, a rota covering a three month period is posted in the narthex (the entrance lobby) near the left door going into the main body of the church. A copy of the same rota is posted on the wall as you enter the sacristy.

Note, however, that the original draft of the rota often gets changed with time. Important things crop up for all of us, meaning we cannot make certain dates, and that is fine. If you become a reader, then all you need to do is mention the dates you cannot do to Mike Peacock, who coordinates the readers at Saint Wulstan's, or Tony Jenkins for Saint John's in Chesterton, or to one of the Sacristans, and we will find a substitute reader for that Mass.

New Readers

  • We are always looking for new readers to join the rota.
  • If you would like to help please see Mike Peacock after the Saturday Vigil Mass at Saint Wulstan's or Tony Jenkins at Saint John's, or one of the Sacristans after any other Mass.

For further information about reading at Mass, contact David O'Leary (Wolstanton) or Tony Jenkins (Chesterton)

Notices for Readers

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