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Our parishes support local organisations working with asylum-seekers and refugees . We have many of these vulnerable people in Stoke on Trent, as the area was chosen by The Home Office as a ‘designated area’. These people rely on food and toiletry donations each week, as they either have no income, or a very small weekly amount from The Home Office, and so weekly donations of food and other items are crucial for them. Some of these people are actually destitute, and depend on organisations like SANCTUS to find them shelter, as well as provide food etc.

Boxes for weekly donations are in the porch of both churches. These are usually collected on a Monday with a view to distributing their contents to those in need during the coming week

The parish’s CAFOD group kindly allows us to host SANCTUS craft sales during their Sunday coffee mornings, the annual international meal and the summer barbeque.

For more information about the work of SANCTUS contact Carmel Dennison


These are usually held in the Meeting Room of the Community Centre and start at 7 .30pm

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